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  1. I'd also add actual keyboard shortcut support for basic functions like insert new row. OneNote is amazingly easy and smart on tables. Your hands never have to leave the keyboard. I've switched to Evernote because the notes and tag structure are so much more flexible, but I miss OneNote's editor immensely. I'd be fine if those features were copied!
  2. Actually the entire web. H1, H2... is basic document structure for html xml, etc right? This separates the content from the details of formatting (choosing a font, etc). CSS Thanks though.
  3. Thanks for confirming the missing feature. It's such a core basic idea I hadn't thought to search for it in a mature product that has so many other "extras." Hope this doesn't mar my big switch to Evernote! Thanks for the markdown tip. Markdown to me is nice but may be overkill. I'll check that service out. What add-ins are you referring to? is there a place to take a look at options?
  4. New premium user here. Realized that standardize formatting headings are missing and was surprised. Makes formatting much easier. I want to think about my content, not remember if I manually made the previous heading a 12, 14, or 18. (Please let me know if I'm missing something!)
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