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  1. iPhone and iPad versions still have long lags on entry. Lack of bullets and bullet-indent on keyboard header is even more frustrating than when initially lost at the start of this process - these two items are the key lack of productivity inflicted on me by EN. I spend more time transiting laggy menus and waiting than typing! pls - pull your collective fingures out - talk with your loyal followers and fix the problems. You will save more face (and customers) by being honest and open than hiding your head in the sand trying to tough it out. the first stage is admitting publicly that there is a problem
  2. New Bug iphone version - note is open in text edit - phone sleeps following inactivity or following manual lock - going back into EN the keyboard area is active but empty! Have to switch to text format or bullet mode for the bottom pane and back to text edit mode again to get the keyboard to come back. FYI - I have fingure print/pin lock on entry to EN enabled
  3. I full agree - pls fix the edit menu icon to bring back bullet points and indent
  4. Please add ink/touchscreen handwriting functionality to the Windows desktop version. It is nice that the deck-chairs have been reorganised and their colours updated - however this is functionality that has been across the rest of the EN platforms for years - please add it to the desktop version!
  5. Oh-my! From iPad mini and iPhone 7: How many times do I have to login to iTunes? How many times do I need to be told EN cannot sync? How slow and laggy since v8? Worst of all you have hidden the bullet and bullet-indent buttons! I now need three clicks instead of one. When you are trying to type with even a modicum of speed it is essential to have these on-screen with the keyboard. Even using the short-cut *-key to create a bullet is four clicks! please, Please, PLEASE put this back on the main keyboard. ...or put a tab-key on the keyboard! EN has gone from a real-time note-taking productivity tool to a time-suck pain in the butt. Fix the bugs and put the buttons back where I can use them PLEASE.
  6. Good Morning Stephane Really like the updates you have included and I'm excited to see that development continues on the Windows version. However there is an item that consistently seems to be missing from the Windows client: the ability to to hand-write and draw within notes. This functionality seems to be available in every other platform with the exception of Windows. Please, please, please add this in - I'm at the point where this is such a real and present issue that when I Google 'evernote to onenote migration' I can see that Microsoft now have official support to move me to OneNote where I can do this: https://blogs.office.com/2016/03/11/make-the-move-from-evernote-to-onenote-today/ I started my paperless journey in OneNote years ago and jumped ship to Evernote because the sync across devices worked reliably and the clean interface was intuitive with adaptation to each platform. Evernote introduced business support and as CTO I rolled it into my business where it thrived. However, Windows10 & Surface are now a thing - and a thing the whole company will move to. This is not going away. I need apps that play well with a touch enabled Windows based devices - Evernote is my only app that doesn't. Microsoft have removed my other barriers to return to OneNote (took them long enough but they are there now). I'm not the only one this applies to - Microsoft have moved and their mass-market product now has the capability to be an Evernote-killer. Help me out - keep the faith - pls add touch support in the Windows client quickly! Cheers, Nick
  7. Well said. Evernote - pull your finger out and bring your Windows client up to spec - it is three years out of date by your own standards! There are more Windows users than anything else. I started using Evernote because Microsoft could not make OneNote work cross platform. Guess what - OneNote is overtaking you on the Windows desktop - and catching of not overtaking on Apple. Time to invest and get your Windows client up to spec or you are going to see people reaching for OneNote migration tools as they wave goodbye. Oh-yeah - loads of the Windows 10 machines are touch screen - pls make the scroll and stylus features work on the windows client!
  8. Having a touch screen Windows 10 device and a stylus means I can draw and hand write to my hearts content ...in OneNote!!! Please add this functionality into the Windows version of Evernote. It's in the iPad and Android versions so it can't be too hard for it to be ported into Evernote for Windows - can it? Microsoft have finally caught up - paise them, and their users with your stylus capabilities in Evernote
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