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  1. New Windows 6.5 bug: See logandb's post below. This is very annoying and makes EN almost useless to me on Windows. I'll try disabling autosync (if that's possible). If this doesn't work and it's not fixed soon, I may just switch to MS OneNote.
  2. Here's one minor bug on Windows 10. I have EN 5.9.7 Beta pinned to my taskbar. When I click to open EN, it causes a second EN icon to be displayed on the taskbar. This never happens with any other apps on the taskbar.
  3. Thanks. I just posted to the Windows product forum.
  4. My left panel tells me how many notes I have, but not how many tags. Could this be added? Thanks.
  5. Should I assume EN developers/decision makers know about this request, or do I need to ask someone?
  6. Sorry. I have Windows 10 on my laptop and Android on my cell. Thanks for asking. Thanks to csihilling, request #2 for stats on query results is available through Ctrl-F10 on Windows. But request #1 to have more info in the left panel is still elusive on both Windows and Android.
  7. 1. Left Panel: Next to "Notes" it tells me how many notes I have; but next to "Tags" it doesn't tell me how many tags I have. Please change. 2. When I search I don't see anyplace that tells me how many notes were selected by my search. Please add this. Thank you.
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