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  1. I've been having some difficulty retaining PDF annotations in Evernote using a specific program for mac. Here's the rub: I use a PDF viewer/annotation program called Skim (v1.4.17) for mac, which is currently set as my default program for viewing/editing PDFs. Any time I make annotations (highlights, notes, etc.) with Skim they are not retained in Evernote. This problem exists both if I open a PDF file saved in Evernote and attempt to annotate/save or if I take a PDF file that is saved to my HD, annotate it, and copy it into a new note. Has anybody had similar issues with retaining PDF annotations and is there a workaround? This is a deal breaker for me using the Evernote interface, since some of the most important work I do involves efficiently annotating PDFs and sharing them with others in my workflow. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
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