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  1. Evernote, why you deleted my Feedback regarding the beta? Topic: "Desktop App as a Website?" I cannot find it anymore…
  2. Hi, the latest update to Safari (v 13.0) disabled the WebClipper… Not nice. What to do?
  3. Ok. But than I need Spark „forever“. And I dont like them with there privacy approach.
  4. Yes - its active, as long as you don’t edit the Note. Then the Link is gone (not the text, but you cant click on the text).
  5. Hi Evernote, could you please allow the URL-Format "message://..." in Evernote for Mac AND iOS, to link directly to a message in Mail.app? Actually it is only possible, if you stay on one platform. Drag ´n drop works like charm… But if you sync and edit the note with a "message://"-link on the other platform, the link will be deleted. :/ Please! :) Would enhance my workflow. Best regards, Felix
  6. Evernote runs with iOS 11. And I am thrilled to see drag ´n drop! with the next update
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