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  1. @JMichaelTX: Thanks for you detail instruction (How to Install AppleScripts or JXA Scripts). I never use apple script before but this note wake me through the setup process smoothly! Great job of using EN public note, btw. There is only one glitch: in El Captain I can not save the plain text AS file... The work around is quite simple, just copy your script into a new AS document and recompile can solve the saving problem. I found the reason in this post ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ To summarize: here is my steps to setup the "EN copy classic note link" from nothing: Read how to install Apple scrip from note: How to Install AppleScripts or JXA Scripts Pull the apple scrip from JMichaelTX’s repo on gist Download Satimage osax 3.7.0 (build 389) from this site Work around the El Captain AS saving problem by copy the script to new script and recompile it (Ref post) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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