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  1. HI DTLow, first of all i´d like to say thank you for your quick response and i think that some of the steps you use in your workflow will be very useful for me. Yesterday while i was serching throught the web, i found specific templates which could be useful as well, in fact, the website was recommended by an evernote post; https://simplifydays.com there she gives a lot of high quality content for improving productivity and offers a lot of free templates. I recommend you to have a look. Once thing i am curious is about what you say "Don't be concerned so much with assigning priorities", i have always been said just the opposite because that is a way of focusing our minds... Thank you and have a nice day!
  2. Hi there! i´d like to know if there is any template designed specifically for plannig and tracking one´s productivity. For example, imagine you are doing a proyect in your company and you have to finish tasks every day or in a specific date. I´ve seen that some websites like basecamp or trello, have a very good and attractive desings for planning your actions, but so far i haven´t found a similar way in evernote, or at least a simple one. If anyone could tell me whether i can find templates or how i could organize my proyects it would be very helpful Thank very much Javier
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