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  1. Regular shortcuts which used to be global on Windows, are not working anymore in this version Examples: Ctrl + B bold Crtl + I italic Ctrl + SHIFT + B bullet list Ctrl + SHIFT + O ordered list Ctrl + SHIFT + C for checklists
  2. Also the regular shortcuts which used to be global on Windows, are not working anymore in this version Examples: Ctrl + B bold Crtl + I italic Ctrl + SHIFT + B bullet list Ctrl + SHIFT + O ordered list Ctrl + SHIFT + C for checklists
  3. Everything's working fine until now. Evernote Templates are working beautifully. But this font on Notes Titles is making me feel really bad.
  4. I've deactivated the Automatically check for updates and it seems to not annoy me anymore.
  5. I've opened a ticket on support channel and they told me they've made some changes and the Drive integration isn't working on Google Chrome anymore. But it's still working on Safari. Has anyone received any information about any correction forecast?
  6. In Windows Client you can zoom in and out as @gazumped said. But looking at your picture, the zoom seems to be at its maximum (100%) Can you zoom out from this point?
  7. Well, not here. I have some notebooks named [ BTI ] GLPI - Client's name. If I look for the client's name, nothing appears.
  8. Mas se ainda assim acreditas que se trata de um bug, tens de abrir ticket com o suporte mesmo. But if you still believe it's a bug, you must create a support ticket.
  9. Jackson, Uma vez linkado o e-mail B, você pode simplesmente excluir o e-mail A alterando o e-mail padrão para o B e excluindo o A. Não é um bug, é para tu não perderes o acesso a conta. Once you link the B address, you can simply delete the A email address changing the default account and deleting the one you don't want anymore. It's not a bug, just a feature for you to don't lose access to your account.
  10. Well, I haven't seen any way to do this. You can take a look at the modification time to see if there is any latest update on the Note, but we don't have any feature to mark a note as read.
  11. No. Once clipped to your Evernote account, the pdf file is saved there. If the website goes down or take the file off, you'll still be able to access the file in your account. It's almost the same way you access any pdf file saved in your computer but in Evernote.
  12. Yes, if you downgrade, you won't lose the month already billed. The Evernote will just not renew at the end of the cycle.
  13. What's the error message? What's the client? Can you explain it better?
  14. If it's windows, try to hit F11 or F10 to make sure you have the Note Column enabled. Or you can hit the menu View and select Notes column. One of these keys hide/show the notebooks column and the other hide/show the notes column. You probably just have these columns hidden.
  15. Up and running. For now, I realized that the gallery mode is working fine again. ?
  16. Well, I already did it and the search is still very bad. I have to write the name of the notebooks exactly how it's written in the application. Thanks anyway, gonna take a look at the thread.
  17. Actually, I don't remember how was before the gallery mode. But I like the ability to open images without leaving Evernote window. It's kinda quicker.
  18. (307192) Prerelease (CE Build ce-46.0.5204) Corrected the issue. Thanks Evernote!
  19. What's the latest version available? Here I'm on 7.1.0 and I keep seeing the same problems on searching my notebooks. Case sensitive The correct order of the words (Notebook name: "Project XYZ", if I look for XYZ, it doesn't appear any notebook, just if I search for Project first..)
  20. As I can see, the notebook search on the new Web Clipper is annoying more people than just me. We must write, in the search box, the exact amount of text that is written in the notebook's name. It's not practical. And you have to remember the whole name of the notebook to find it. It had been better once.
  21. If you want, I've been posting some stuff about Evernote on my Medium Channel.

    Take a look here:


  22. I've posted something about using the advanced search with reminders in Evernote.

    It's in portuguese. But feel free to comment.



  23. You should use the query intitle:"text you want"
  24. The same here and all the people I know from a group of almost 1.2k people. Hope to see this working again.
  25. Hi, since the last update ( Prerelease), I can't see the image gallery anymore. Every time I click on images they don't appear as in a gallery. Actually, nothing happens when I double-click the images. evernotebeta.mp4
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