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  1. Hello, We are getting Permission denied when we are trying to read notes from Evernote. How to upgrade key to full-access. Error log EDAMUserException(errorCode:PERMISSION_DENIED, parameter:authenticationToken) at com.evernote.edam.notestore.NoteStore$findNotes_result.read(NoteStore.java:11802) at com.evernote.edam.notestore.NoteStore$Client.recv_findNotes(NoteStore.java:1153) at com.evernote.edam.notestore.NoteStore$Client.findNotes(NoteStore.java:1125) at com.evernote.clients.NoteStoreClient.findNotes(NoteStoreClient.java:324) at co
  2. Hello friends, I am working on a Java project in which we would wish to provide Evernote functionality for our app in which we could sync notes, attachments, etc to & fro Evernote. For this to work, I would like to authenticate against Evernote server and then persist the tokens in our database so we can provide services even when user is not logged into Evernote. To achieve this, I have added Scribe library and Evernote java SDK in POM.xml. Unfortunately, I am unable to find any examples of how is the mechanism to authenticate against the server and then which tokens are sent fr
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