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  1. Hi guys - thanks in advance for your help with this. Below is my wishlist - is this possible? I can't find the answers through my searching and feel like I must be missing something. 1. I want to be able to go to an existing note (PDF, text, whatever) and make hand-written notes. Can I do this in the Evernote app? 2. I want to use a mini-tablet (at this point I am open to Samsung or iPad depending on what works best with Evernote) to record all meeting notes. This will replace my pen and paper notebook - I want to use a stylus instead of a keyboard though. I want all of these functions (particularly note editing) to be native in Evernote - I don't want to go to multiple apps and then sync. Just want to open Evernote and have the options there. Is this possible? Thanks again!! Emily
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