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  1. Thats great except some of my notes are somehow not synched and the crashing is preventing a synch from occurring which means I lose my notes if I follow your advice. Anyone have other advice in order to save my data prior to re-installing on my Ipad?
  2. Guys: I just got a new laptop and installed evernote on it. I signed into my account but haven't really made any changes. Then I went to review my ToDo list, which unfortunately has all sorts of passwords and important info in it and the screen was blank. All my other notes appear to be there except the data in this one. So I went to my ipad and the notes are there. However, evernote on my ipad crashes before it has a chance to synch up!! It crashes too quickly so I can't really just hand copy the info either. I am guessing I am screwed but wondering if anyone has suggestions on preventing this crash before I delete the app and reinstall (and losing my data).
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