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  1. DTlow, Cool, I didn't see that there was a layout like this. I've only looked at the snippet version of the list and the card view. This is great. I can go check on them all if I'm worried. Thanks so much.
  2. gazumped, Thank you for that additional guideline on what to watch for in approaching limits, as this was a huge concern of mine and I'll followin your advice!
  3. Thanks Analyst444. That gives me a great guideline on the limit.
  4. Analyst 444, I just discovered a way to find this size information by accident! I was looking in the menu list again at everything, And there was a "sort by" selection and it said "by size" so I knew there must be a way to find out, and then while moving my mouse I stopped by a little button at the top of the note window that has a lowercase i in a circle. I clicked on that and it provides information for the note. Bingo! I would not have found it without your help, so thank you!
  5. Thank you Analyst444, I realized after I sent the note I should have said I was working on a Mac (10.9.5) and I appreciate the advice. I've done what you suggested and looked in the view menu, but there isn't a "Show Status Bar" even in the submenus. I did poke around in the other menus and couldn't find it there either, so there is definitely something I'm missing. I do appreciate your help. Since I can't find it maybe you can tell me, if I get to the size limit for an individual note will there be a warning? I'm concerned that I might just write and write and then lose all the writing b
  6. There's a table that says the maximum size a note can be. I think in Plus it's 50 MB. But I can't find anywhere on a note where it says the note's size in MB to check if I'm going over. Can someone point me to the right place to check on a given note's size? Is there a button to push? Obviously there's something I'm not seeing. Thanks.
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