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  1. Update Correction: PROBLEM IDENTIFIED (vice solution found). Thanks Tims256 for realizing this bud only affects the Mac App Store version of Evernote. That said, uninstalling it and installing the non-app store version isn't - in my opinion - a solution...it is a workaround. Hopefully Evernote fixes the problem in the Mac App Store version of Evernote soon.
  2. Infinite Identify: Fully aware of the workaround, but I appreciate the post none-the-less. For those at Evernote: this workaround is not a solution...it requires extra steps that add up over time when performing many of these drag & drop procedures. Please fix!
  3. Same issue. I previously used the Evernote desktop client to drag & drop PNG versions of scanned receipts directly into Quicken. Suddenly this functionality stopped working last month. Now the drag & drop procedure produces an "untitled clipping" file. I had hoped the latest version of Evernote would correct this issue; unfortunately it is still present. I hope the "drag & drop to produce a PNG" function is fixed soon. [El Capitan 10.11.2; Evernote Version 6.4 (452971 App Store)] A desktop screen recording of how the drag&drop works in Evernote currently (i.e. what we don't want):
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