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  1. It feels like Evernote is trying to force themselves out of use by decrementing their product rather than enhancing it's obvious challenges.
  2. +1 For as long as Evernote has been a product, it is still woefully lacking in basic note editing features: Table creation, editing and formatting are a pain on the desktop client and are impossible on mobile devices. Easy to use styles and "saved formatting" would be huge. Drag-and-drop content placement would enable a fluid more natural note-taking canvas. Enabling active and dynamic mixing of content: text, annotation, sketches, tables and photos. (Today, if you want to annotate, you have to "switch modes" and you lose the ability to edit the text or replace the other content.) The UI is still very cumbersome as compared to apps like OneNote and Notability. Tables are an essential. Failure to get this right and not really making much progress on the above, causes me to think it is time to look at switching to another note taking app.
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