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  1. Then I revise my feature request to include a request that Evernote search indexing not drop special characters. 🙃 I'd explored scripting before. Wouldn't be opposed to it. Primary drawback to this approach in my use-case is that I take 80% of my notes on my iPad.
  2. Feature Request I would find it incredibly useful to my workflow if I were able to: Use an @Mention in my note titles and note bodies for a person, group of people, or company to one-click-search all notes with that @Mention. Use a #Hashtag in my note titles and note bodies for a project, topic, or other common phrase to one-click-search all notes with that #Hashtag. Additionally, it would be helpful if: Evernote automatically pulled these @Mentions and #Hashtags into the already-existing tags manager. Evernote used the @Mentions and #Hashtags in the tags manag
  3. I run a Bullet Journal style organizer out of Evernote. One of the elements of Bullet Journaling is the migration of items from one place to another. For example: On my daily log for today, I have a note that I need to migrate to my #Sarah note (where I log everything related to my work with my coworker Sarah). I've been using TextExpander to insert the text: [#Sarah] At the beginning of that line to indicate that the note has been migrated. From there, I've been selecting the text and copying/pasting the note link from my #Sarah note into the link dialogue b
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