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  1. I was using webclipper on firefox successfully for years. It hasn't been working for at least 6 months. I have been extremely frustrated and not sure how to solve this. I have uninstalled evernote and webclipper and closed the app on Mac and on iphone and re-installed and re-opened everything and it still doesn't work. So annoying!
  2. Every few months I go to archive items and realise that this is still not a feature . I have sooooooo many notes and it is sooooo cumbersome. I am now looking for a new app that has an archive feature. If anyone who reads this knows of something that can do this obvious feature please respond and let me know. ps: If it has been added and I can't find it please also let me know.
  3. DTLow, does the workaround that is suggested remove the stacks/notebooks from the page where you view all your stacks and notebooks? If so, I will def try it (I haven't had time yet today since this convo to implement). If not, then it doesn't really make things work for the reason that I personally would like the feature.
  4. I haven't as yet tried the work around. I will do that but prefer an actual feature as I don't believe the tag work around removes the stacks/notebooks from the front page view (which is what I am after so that only my current notebooks are showing).
  5. I think that evernote needs to acknowledge that it's been a number of years now that people have been using the product. Initially there was no need for an archive function but now there definitely is. For those of us that use it extensively (or those that like to simply use a de-cluttered workspace) it is a must.
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