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  1. How can you tell if your notes are sync'd or not? How can you tell if your notebooks are local?
  2. I have to reinstall my operating system (Windows 7), so I'm wondering what if anything I need to do to keep from losing my files in Evernote. Could someone tell me what to do to keep from losing my files?
  3. Ah ok, when i do it that way I do get a "export notes" option. Awesome, thanks. That is a good idea to add the date.
  4. No, but I tried it again today and deleted the note from the trash also, and the file size was still larger than it was before creating the temporary note. Not sure why it does that. I guess it doesn't really matter, there's probably some reason. I found instructions for how to do that, but I'm not sure if it's backing up all of my notes or not because it doesn't say. The instructions say to go to FILE > EXPORT NOTES, but mine doesn't have an "Export Notes". It just has an "Export", and when you click on it, the dialog window says "Export 1 Note", and "choose an action to perform". I know I want to select the .anex one, but I don't want to export just 1 note, I want to export all of them. Don't see that as an option. I don't have any of my notes selected when I do this either so I'm not sure why it says "export 1 note".
  5. My EXB file is around 25,000 kb. I figured I'd test it to see if it goes up when I create a new note. So I created a temporary test note and it did go up a few hundred kilobites. But, oddly, when I deleted the note it didn't go back to the same number of kb that I started with. It went back down, but not that far back down. I did this a few more times and each time the file got bigger and bigger even though I deleted each temporary note that I created. So that is weird that the file gets bigger when you're not actually adding anything. It's also weird that the EXB file won't open when you're logged out. I'm curious to understand how that works if anybody understands that craziness. I guess I'll just have to take your guys word for it that that is a copy of my notes. If I copy that file to my external hard drive once a week, will I be able to restore a note with it if I were to accidentally delete a note? Assuming that the note wasn't created after the last backup.
  6. I'm not really worried about backing up my notes if they are indeed stored on both my computer and on the Evernote website/server. But, it doesn't look to me like they're stored on my computer. Anybody know what the file path would be to these stored notes on Windows 7? I can go to Computer > Local Disk (C:) > Program Files > Evernote, and I don't see anything in there that could be my stored notes. I can also go to Computer > Local Disk (C:) > Users > Me > AppData > Local, and there's two Evernote folders in there (Evernote and Evernote NW). Nothing that looks like it could be a backup of my notes. If you go to that Evernote folder - Evernote > Evernote > Databases, there is a .EXB file in there that has my name with a number attached to it. It is also a bigger file than a lot of the others, so it could be a backup of my notes, but there's no way to tell. If I open it in Wordpad it does not look like my notes. But, then again Wordpad probably doesn't read .EXB files correctly. And if I open it with Evernote, it looks the same as any other time I open Evernote, so how do I know it didn't just open the program and download the files to my computer instead of from that file? There's no way to tell. It could be doing that every time for all I know, after all, it does show that I'm signed in. If I log out of Evernote first and close the program completely, the next time I open Evernote it won't show my notes without me logging in first. If I try to open that .EXB file while logged out, it will not open it. So I kind of doubt it's a back up. It seems like to me it must be downloading my notes from the Evernote Website/server. Is there some other program that can read a .EXB files other than Evernote? If I could open it with another program and see my notes, then I could know for sure if that is indeed a backup of my notes. But, if it is, I'm not sure why it won't open in Evernote without me being logged in.
  7. I'm using the evernote progam on my computer. Does evernote save my notes on my computer some where in addition to on their server/website? Or are all my notes saved on their website and downloaded as I use them? If that's the case, is there some way that I can back up my notes to my computer as well?
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