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  1. No. I use Apple Music though. I don't think Spotify is blocked by the government. It's just not available outside the US.
  2. Also, hundreds of students at my school use Evernote in the classroom. They will not be able to do their classwork. Entire teaching plans will have to be redesigned. I'm sure I am not the only teacher in China using Evernote in the classroom. Not even considering the financial aspect, Evernote is ignoring millions of users who will no longer be able to use the service for education. Why isn't this being addressed?
  3. Why would they try to block VPNs if they were not illegal? What is the point of blocking websites then allowing everyone to access them with VPNs?
  4. I don't think Evernote knowingly disallowing millions of users to not access the service falls under "from time to time." This is Evernote knowing users won't be able to access the service if Evernote does x, but willingly does x anyway. I want Evernote to NOT do this migration. I have used the service for 7 years and I have a lot of data which I need access to. This is not a temporary lack of service because of a power outage. I don't understand why Evernote wants to lose over a billion potential clients.
  5. You need to change your refund policy if you are knowingly making it legally possible for users to access your service.
  6. Notice they also recommended I commit an illegal act in China by using a VPN. I hope Evernote has good team of attorneys.
  7. I finally got a direct response on this matter concerning China: If I do not get a refund I'll be contacting the attorney general Yinxiang is the Chinese version of Evernote but I would have to get a new account and pay again to use it Also, it is in Chinese. I am not Chinese. I am an American living and doing business in China. I'm sure I am not the only American in this country of over one BILLION people who uses Evernote. Many of my colleagues here also do.
  8. You are correct that I do not want to jump to conclusions. I DO want a reasonable answer from Evernote. You have given the best hope yet but I hope Evernote gives a real answer.
  9. Regarding China: Saying Any US site access is not guaranteed and then quoting Wikipedia as a source is an extremely ignorant answer. Evernote clearly does't understand the situation. US sites can be accessed from China. Google is specifically BLOCKED. Evernote can be shutting off access to millions of it's customers. This issue has not been answered. Evernote should have known this and not had to link to a a Wikipedia article. It is insulting to your customers to blame the Chinese government. You know NOW that Google is blocked but aren't addressing the potential problem.
  10. Yes. Exactly what I just said. If Evernote becomes blocked I want a full refund. Why use a service like Google which is blocked to over a BILLION people??!!
  11. Google services are blocked in China but you probably have millions of cud living in China. You also have Americans, like myself living in China, who use Evernote daily. Will Evernote now be blocked in China? We can't use Gmail, Google ,or YouTube.
  12. When is this feature coming? My office is trying to decide whether to use Evernote or Slack. We were told "coming soon " in August.
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