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  1. Couldn't find an answer here - wondering if any local notebook content is sent to or able to be accessed by Evernote servers or employees? For example, I understand local notebooks aren't synced, but are the notes indexed in a way that sends any data back to Evernote? Does Evernote's privacy policy allow potential access to note content in local notebooks that aren't synced? Thanks!
  2. Thanks all for the info - sounds like best way to get the desired outcome is to save a handful of searches and shortcut them in the sidebar. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for that info... I do do searches currently, but I'm trying to find a way to simplify and provide more visual organization, like is there any way to save the searches and have access to them so that commonly used searches for things that contain multiple tags are one click away?
  4. What I'd love to be able to do is create notebooks, or some other such saved thing that would allow me to easily a list notes matching particular filters. So for example if a note had tags [ABC] and [XYZ] the notebook would show all notes that individually have both of those tags. It doesn't appear that I can do this, though it would be extremely valuable in creating collections of notes that meet specific requirements. Looked around a bit, but haven't figured it out. Thanks!
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