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  1. Hi all, My old tablet runs Android 4.2, I used to run Evernote on it, but now after recovery can't get it from the Google Play 'cause it's too old for Evernote to support. I wonder if I can find a storage with older Android versions somewhere, 'cause google search somehow failed to bring the results
  2. I find the note, then click on it as usual, as with any other note.. I can even share the content of the notes that I couldn't access, so you could check by yourself that they look rather usual. See attached screenshots. I've decided to remove the notes and made a copy of them. By some reason the copies do not cause such problem, at least till now...
  3. The strange thing is that there are seemingly not so many notes in Evernote that I cannot access. All the rest are fine, even the very old ones. Could it be that the issue is present in a few notes because of the way they were typed or saved? For instance, one of such notes includes a table. It is not of a particularly big size, quite the opposite, but still smth that distinguishes it from the rest..Also within this note many symbols are highlighted and multi-colored, which also makes it stand out from the rest. In fact, all of the notes I cannot access use Turkish alphabet, which has a few characters missing in classical Latin. But I also have many other notes with Turkish words that I can access without a hitch
  4. Since you are demonstrating such a superb activity in this thread, implying your willingness to help, I 'd kindly ask you to duplicate the description of the problem that I've encountered to Evernote Support, using your Twitter account
  5. It'd be more accurate to say that I am the only person who has asked such question, not the only one who has encountered with such problem. But your message is understood. I wish you every luck with your extremely valuable support. Unfortunately, I don't have an account with Twitter. In fact, why don't you shut this forum at all, given the fact it doesn't provide any support anyway? The Evernote system is unreliable - that's the only fact that matters to me. I cannot rely on Evernote when I am driving somewhere and urgently need to access some of my notes in order to resolve an issue on the road. I am not saying that I keep in Evernote my credit card numbers, but there may be some notes that are equally important to have on first demand for reference in rather limited number of situations. I have already installed Google Keep and am giving it a try. Thanks.
  6. Frankly guys, with all due respect, Evernote support su*ks. I've already had the opportunity to deal with it. I am seriously thinking of giving up and finding an alternative. This forum is no use since every topic ends up with the same advice. Thank you very much for your attention.
  7. Btw I've tried all the tips, including cleaning the cache (in Android Apps settings) Google Translation:
  8. This is what the notification looks like https://photos.app.goo.gl/pvgllcRtFzqhDkkK2
  9. "New address" is what Evernote says not in English. I got impression that Evernote moved the users data between servers, so some old notes have become inaccessible after the migration. I have been using Evernote for 3-4 years and can assure you that this problem emerged for Android users only about 2-3 months ago. I didn't create a new account intentionally, and I am not sure how to check how many accounts I have. I thought I only had one single account. IF you have admin funcs assigned, perhaps you can check by yourself my settings.
  10. A number of my notes can't be loaded in Android tablet because they have been moved to a new address without my consent. However I can still access the notes from Windows desktop app. Why is that?
  11. Thanks, terencino. For now and on I will continue using evernote's export function for making regular backups of my notes. That seems a better solution compared to 2FA in this case. As soon as Evernote team removes the export func, I will remove the app :-)
  12. Ticket# 1915791 - Disabling google authenticator for 2 step verification
  13. Thanks, gazumped, for inspiring me. I already know that there are standard and non-standard responses. So presumably we do make some progress.
  14. Well, the solution's turned out to be far too advanced for me to comprehend... :-)
  15. Ticket# 1915791 So does this forum exist solely to let ppl know of other ways of dealing with their problems?
  16. Well, as can be seen I sent a message to security@evernote.com 2 days ago. So far no response ...
  17. You've written so many words, which I really appreciate despite the fact that no real progress has been made to my case. From my previous experience Evernote support hardly ever responds. But I'll give it a new try. Thanks.
  18. It seems I have asked an extremely difficult question if the question remains without proper response after 42 views and 4 days :-)
  19. Hello there, I've tried to set up the 2 step verification and successfully confirmed 2 of my phone numbers with codes. However at the very last step Evernote also kindly asks me to install the google authenticator app, which I kindly decline. Despite having 2 of my phone numbers (one as backup), Evernote refuses to complete enabling the 2-step-verification, and this seems rather strange to me. Because even Google and Facebook do not force users to install the authenticator apps on their Windows machines if phone numbers are provided and verified. Is there any way to enable 2 step verification for Evernote on computer running Windows without having to install the google authenticator app? I do have also a few Android devices with Evernote used on 1 of them, which enables me to have google authenticator app installed. However my preference is not to have that app and use the SMS verification method instead. Thanks.
  20. I take my words back about "crappy", search seems to work ok
  21. Thanks, jbenson2, for prompt response. Actually I use both Android and Windows apps to sync my notes. I am just curious whether there is any guide available on how to search in Evernote, specifically with the use of wildcards (like *) and so on ???
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