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  1. PROBLEM: Sometimes I have multiple PDFs, images, documents, spreadsheets, etc. on a related topic. I want to keep related documents grouped together but adding them all to one note makes it extremely difficult to find what is needed because the documents all seem to run together. SOLUTION: Make it easy to place a number of documents in one note in condensed format. Contents should display as a sort of outline of all contents contained therein. Will promote increased organization and easy access. Create collapsible sections within a note. Each collapsible section has a label/title to identify a sub-topic in the note. Collapsible sections function like grouping rows in MS Excel allowing you to quickly collapse and expand similar data to create more useful views. Expand / Collapse button (triangle) left of the title to view or hide section contents. Within the section, individual documents are displayed with a title and image of the first document page. Document display concept is similar to how Windows Explorer displays multiple documents in a folder. You see an image of the first page and a label (could be the document name OR user created title). Moving collapsible sections. In cases where a note contains one document. Create a collapsible section containing the document. Right-Click on the collapsible section and select "Move" to move the section from one note to another note. Within a note you can drag and drop documents between collapsible sections via their document image. Sections can be reordered by dragging and dropping the section title. Viewing Content Single click on document image to expand and read it. Double-click to open it in a separate window or app.
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