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  1. I've been using a combination of Evernote with an app called TurboScan to scan all my receipts into evernote for over a year now. The process has worked well for me up until a little over a month ago. Something got updated and when I put the images from turboscan into evernote they started going in as .jpg attachments instead of inline images. I contacted TurboScan support and they looked into it and said something changed in Evernote which is causing the difficulty. However, when I go into my gallery on my phone, and hit the share button and select evernote, the image doesn't appear as an attachment but shows up inline, which makes me wonder if it is an evernote problem or not... In turboscan my normal workflow was to scan the image, hit the sharing button, click email to myself, select evernote, and the image would appear in a new note inline. Now the same happens but the image shows up as an attachment. I'm not sure how these apps play together, and I'm not sure on who's side the issue is on, but does anyone have a solution to get this back working again?
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