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  1. I am trying Onenote as well, but emphasis on trying and have had nothing but problems setting it up. When trying to delete notebooks it states I have to go to onenote.com to do so. I go there and try to view what is in the notebook and am greeted with "Sorry we ran into a problem" when I use Safari. It works fine with Chrome, but I want to use Safari. Also one of the best features of evernote is I can email anything to my evernote address and it will save it. With Onenote I have to add the emails I would use as an Alias, but when I tried to add my Gmail account and my work email account I ran into a few problems. My work uses Office 365 and is now considered an outlook.com email address and I cannot add it and it stated my Gmail account was already in use, but I checked the only two outlook/hotmail accounts I own and neither have them as aliases. I guess Onenote works well on PCs, but not so well on Macs and iPhones.
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