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  1. PinkElefant, I did what you mention about the "View" menu. The numbers shows up now aside the tags, but some tags still doens't delivery the results or some tags with 4 or 13 links just delivery 1 result; I mean, I just see 1 note instead 13 or 4 notes related to the tag. It looks like my Evernote is loading partially the notes related to its tags.
  2. Mike P, No couting on my sidebar...now that you talk about it, I noticed that the numbers are missing. On my notes the tags are still assigned to them.
  3. After the last Evernote update, my tags don't lead to notes anymore. When I click on any tag, the results is equal 0 (zero). How can I fix this? Thank you in advance
  4. Thanks for the explanation. What I want to say is how to control the formatting when we paste text in a new note. When I cut or copy text and then paste it into a new note, I would like it to look in a specific format in the destination note (e.g. Times new Roman 14; lines 1,5; justified etc). In Word is possible to adjust the paste options, and then when you paste the text, it matches the look that you previously define.
  5. Hello. Someone would know if is possible to set a pattern on Evernote for pasting a text in a new note? (e.g.: In the same way that we can do in Word) tks.
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