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  1. Same -- very annoying; would like an option to not be notified
  2. One of Evernote's primary strengths the workflow provided by its keyboard-friendly UI, which allows you to accomplish many things in a fraction of the time required to point and click. Reminders have been without keystroke support for a long time, and it's a major workflow disruption. Please consider a quick fix, which could be accomplished without dedicating an official "Keyboard Shortcut," by simply adding a keystroke sequence that lets you move through the File menu: Just as Copy Note Link is available mouse-free (Alt, N, L) , Add Reminder could be accessible via Alt, N, R (currently unused)
  3. Wonderful product, I use it constantly, it is my "home base" for working and getting things done, happy "Business" subscriber In various IDEAS in this forum, people allude to issues/preferences for various hotkeys and I would like to suggest the idea that you add a Hotkey Customization option that could/would allow "power users" to solve their own hotkey issues/preferences without needing to post here each time. Here's a screenshot of of what I mean: https://www.google.com/search?q=custom+hotkey+screenshot&espv=2&biw=1067&bih=513&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjItO_x4qzNAhXMRSYKHad0BM0Q_AUIBigB#imgrc=omqMx38VFPhEQM%3A And if that's too tall of an order, please consider adding a hotkey or hotkey-sequence for setting Reminders! Thank you for your consideration
  4. A couple ideas to make for a better user experience with Reminders: Make them hot-key friendly so no mouse clicks are required to attach a reminder to a note Allow "smart reminders" such that if a note starts with a date in a certain format, e.g. "11/01", the note adds a reminder for that date (or clicking to add a reminder automatically pulls the date from the note title) Enable the Reminder button to function even without a note title. (Currently it does not work if you create a blank note and click the reminder button before giving the note a title.) Thanks for your consideration. Please +1 if you support these ideas!
  5. I use Evernote for my GTD system. Accordingly I create, edit, and move notes between notebooks frequently, probably something like 50 times a day a lot, and pretty much only by hotkeys/key-strokes. Occasionally I delete a note or move a note accidentally into the wrong notebook, and by instinct I hit "Control-Z" to "undo" the move/deletion. Unfortunately nothing happens, and then it's a drag because I need to fish around for the note -- sometimes I don't even know what notebook I put it into, or worse, which note I moved by accident -- and then I have to do an F6 and/or sort my reference or trash notebook chronologically until I find the note. If the "un do" function could be expanded to be able to restore notes when they are deleted or moved to a different notebook, that would truly be a major feature improvement. Thanks for considering, great product.
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