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  1. This is still an ongoing issue. My only solution is to delete evernote from your device, then reinstall it. Don't change the default notebook when clipping. Afterwards, just go into the evernote app and change notebooks there. If you select a different notebook while clipping, you will break it and end up exactly where you are now. Note: If you have to clip a pdf from the web, email it to your evernote account. Don't use everbroke clipper. It can't do pdf's without breaking. This is the only solution. The evernote tech support is non-existent, or worse, doesn't appear to care
  2. Does clipper work for anyone on their iPad? I'm interested to know. Mine only works for a while if I uninstall/reinstall Evernote from my iPad. It typically stops working after about a day. It gets stuck on one notebook and crashes if I try to select a different one. Then when I finally give up and let it save to the notebook it's stuck in, it hangs after I select Save. What's the point of Clipper if it continually breaks?
  3. Any solution to this problem yet? We are now on iOS 9.3.1 and the [annoying] problem still exists with a vengeance. I even deleted & re-installed Evernote from my iPad in an attempt to fix it. The problem still persists (Chrome, Safari, etc.). Is this a wide-spread issue that no one cares about, or, is this a rare problem that exists on only a handful of iPads?
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