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  1. In last versions of Evernote, (now I am on beta 6.0.2) my web links inside notes are not working. They are recognized as links, are clickable but they do not open any link in web browsers. I tried with different default browsers. I think is a setting problem. (I had this problem with different versions, some of them were with links, some of them not.)
  2. I totally agree with Bob. Tap to edit is great, and everyone shouted for it.
  3. (Win 7) Got the update and I have some problems: 1. links don't work (had some problems on some older updates, but not on the one I was working) (links do not open in any browser) 2. links not recognised on typing, just on paste 3. Not seem to have an Hyperlink button 4. the new icon design is really nice, but the editing text icons are too small.
  4. A great way to have notebooks in list or specific list of notes is the new List Widget. I think I will use even more than one List Widget. One for notebooks, and one or more for some frequently used notes, using special tag for these notes. (Hope this would not influence the speed of the phone, or the battery life). Used smart, this List Widget could become the most powerful feature of Evernote.
  5. The 'tap to edit' option is the perfect tool for me. For a lot of users this was one or the most needet feature in Evernote Android. I was never afraid of mistakenly mess a note. Maybe the compromise could be done with: - turn on/off "tap to edit" - turn on/off popup like "are you sure you want to save the edit" (or "Save changes to note?" - "save"/"discard edit") - long tap to edit (not a good option for me) - choose between "tap to edit" / "long tap to edit" in settings.
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