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  1. I complete agreed wit that the new Evernote iOS is complete useless. Off course as existing user for using old version, and right now I use Evernote Android. Since Evernote iOS is basically useless interface. After so long, it seem the area need to improve never improve, but area need to keep, they are remove away (eg atlas map). I wonder, really they are operate subscription business, we are the paid customer, but it seem they are not really even know what the current users is use it for what. I am consider to stop subscription after the end of the current term, after so many years. As s
  2. Thank for offering some potential solution. IdeaPlaces seem work for iOS only at the moment. But based on my current use case, I use Evernote cross platform, from laptop (Mac and Windows), iOS and Android, unless solution work cross platform, else as temporary solution will continue to used outdated version that supported Atlas, it serve me well. Just let go other new feature. But do thank you for your advice and at least point me to the direction what the future will be if update version without Atlas supported will be. I do had DayOne and DayOne2 app for Mac, iOS in licensed,
  3. For those who are stuck in the similar problem, here the self rescue solution, it work for me, all my atals view back to function .... by downgrade, roll back previous version before they take out the feature. A lesson learn as well, already prefect function take out ... to induce migration to other platform / alternative product, maybe. 1. I Use Mac, so uninstall the current version, complete purge out the database. Then reinstall 6.11.x and it work back. 2. I Use iOS, uninstall the current version, then reinstall back v7.7.11 and it work back. Do the same way for my iPad and it wor
  4. Indeed, Atlas is important feature, it help to visual geotag lot of the notes. In particular I traveling all the time. Geotag note help me recall where I take the note. I am very upset by upgrade to 6.12.1, never see mention Atlas will be remove also. Once upgraded, can not found note by go to Atlas. ... Without Atlas view, what the point for me to keep subscribe for the Premium, better switch over to the OneNote for keep my note that way, since it indifference for me. So pages of notes now.
  5. Thank everyone. Maybe I think @DTLow advice explore how to be client less for my workflow instead, just use browser. @csihillingthank for let me know. Desktop despite had big storage but it still consider small once data accumulate.
  6. I am premium user for sometime, note keep accumulate, and I like the way Evenote handle mobile device where just cache recent content rather than attempt to full sync entire notes into limited storage mobile device. Since internet is always connect, feel comfortable for search and read, and access by cache manner. But for the desktop client, is there a way configure to be the same, without require download everything into the desktop, or option to disable full sync or enable full sync on specific notebook etc, just like how Evenote for iOS and Andriod is implement? Thank in advance.
  7. Being use it from free to premium subscription user right now. The simple question to change font in iOS, answer is no. After a while get use to it, Evenote have lot of feature make you no need to think, like font, just use it. I think for most of long time user is used to it, and over time, it is actually more productive. Offcourse if compare with some other app who are listen to user, they will make it possible as per user requirement, maybe Evenote have now no brother for that...
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