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  1. I updated the OS X version, and now many notes that I've created are "View Only". For some, I can Move to another notebook and back as a fix. Then, sometimes I have to close & reopen EN. Anyone else seeing that?
  2. Just returning to this, as I am still noticing when I print notes with tables, the text is center aligned. On the screen, it is top aligned. I've confirmed it in the note settings: Cell Alignment/Align Content to Top. How can I have the text actually print top aligned?
  3. getting the hang of that. i see there's a method to the madness.
  4. We have the same feature. Doesn't seem to show which stack it's in though afaik.
  5. I found it. I created a 'Notebook Stack', I think. It was under one of those. Though I knew the Notebook name, I didn't see a way to find out which "Stack" it was in. Found it through trial and error. Isn't a way that EN informs us which Stacks that Notebooks are in?
  6. I see what it is. There are "stacks" in the W10 app/program (when did all programs become apps btw?), which allows a tree-like hierarchy, like in File Explorer or Finder. This does not exist in the web version, as far as I can tell.
  7. I scanned a bunch of business cards a while ago. While I don't have that service right now, and I can find cards, and I can search for that notebook, I don't see a business card folder in my Notebook list. Isn't there supposed to be one?
  8. @PinkElephant, thanks, I found it and sent them a tweet-ticket. No, I created the notebooks in the W10 app/client. I also use the iPhone app. They're not appearing in either. Yes, there notes are in each. 2 in one and 12 in the other. @CalS, thanks. I am just using one account.
  9. I created 2 notebooks named Food For Standard Job Ideas I see them in the web version, but not in the W10 app. There may be more. Why is this and how can I get them back in the W10 app/desktop version?
  10. ok, you're seeing it too then. Looking for a bug report option. Not seeing it. Not there for free accounts?
  11. "File - Print Preview or Ctrl+Shift+P for print preview" - thanks for that, however, when clicked, or if I press Ctrl+Shift+P, I am getting a Save As dialogue box. I think it's a bug/glitch. new issue/2nd bug - I created a new test note with some columns, saved it as pdf. My previous note was saved instead. Managed save it correctly and create a pdf showing the vertical centering. How it looks is how it's been printing so far. side note - I am using an old Vaio. It installed EN for Vaio. stuff.pdf
  12. Hi, Using Windows 7 and 10 computers. I have some questions on printing. When I go to print, I do not see a print preview. Also, my notes with multiple columns look like they get centered vertically. I'd rather they stay flush to the top, just like they are on my screen. Is there a print preview? Is there a way to have notes with multiple columns not get vertically centered when printed?
  13. Thanks, I updated to 10.11, so I could move my photos from my iPhone to my MBP. I am using that version of EN, will probably update soon to a newer one.
  14. I am using my old MBP 10.6.8/Snow Leopard after someone stole my Windows 10 laptop. I see that the new EN version does not work with this OS. My RAM is updated to the max - 6 GB. Looked for an older version, I found and found a link to ver 5.5.2, and downloaded it. However, someone said something about security issues. Of course, I don't want any one else reading my notes. If I do get that version to work, is security really an issue with that version, and if so, how much more secure are newer versions?
  15. I stumbled upon the business card scanning feature. Very cool. Somehow I added my email, and now it sends an email every time I scan a card, which I don't want. how do I have EN stop sending emails to my newly scanned cards?
  16. In addition to another request - when I am waiting in line or for an appointment to begin, I go through my "action pending" EN Notebook, and delete completed notes or move them to appropriate folders. It would be great see how many notes I have in the notebook I am in, so after 5 or 10 minutes has passed, I can get an idea of how many notes I've dealt with and it would give me a sense of how many I've tackled. This could be optionally controlled by an on/off in the settings. Maybe you could move the Notebook name to the left and add the number of the notes in it to the right in the mobile version?
  17. I use evernote on my laptop and iPhone 6S and have a default Notebook "action pending". I use it for to-do items and have over 1000 notes in there. When I am away from home, and have a few minutes, I like to sort them out on my iPhone, and like to start at the bottom. However, to get there I have to do about 25 swipes if they are sorted by 'Date Created'. It would be great to have a feature to quickly jump to the bottom of the list.
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