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  1. Problem: EN hangs when started and the spinning beach ball never stops. It is not possible to use EN (last couple of days) EN version installed Evernote_RELEASE_6.2_452688; downloaded from the EN website My Machine: OSX El Capitan 10.11.1, MBP, Mid 2015 release My EN Account: free; I am currently trialling EN as a replacement for OneNote (been using ON from its start) In order to resolve the "hanging application", I have tried uninstalling 6.2 and re-installing the prior version I had Evernote_RELEASE_6.1.1_452253. The re-installing went fine but when I ran 6.1, an EN message appeared stating that I had to use the current version. I then uninstalled 6.1 and reinstalled 6.2, but the problem persists - the application hangs and must be forced to shut down. I also attempted a recovery from a Time Machine backup, but this failed. When the restored version of EN was ran, a message requesting the newer version was presented. Perhaps some instructions for backup and recovery is needed. I found this very disturbing that I couldn't go back to a previous version that worked. It concerns me how portable EN data files are from version to version; This will impact backup and recovery strategies. In other forum conversations regarding uninstalling, reinstalling and upgrading, some said that the spinning beach ball was an indicator that EN needs to "reindex" notebooks and this may take all day. This doesn't make sense. It would be helpful to have some clarification what may be causing EN to hang and also how EN versioning works. Given the hanging behaviour, I cannot use EN at all and cannot access any of my local notebooks. Given statements from other posts, I am concerned that I have lost access to all my local notebooks. I am hoping this isn't the case. Please advise.
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