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  1. Should I be sending a bug report elsewhere or will this be passed along?
  2. I'm really sorry, meant to reply sooner, but I got busy and it dropped until now. The reason I've been saving these documents to the camera roll is I need them for a scanning app I use to send these d documents to my employer. When I save to Evernote directly from Scanable the documents are in order, but when it's saved to the camera roll it's always out of order. I just tried again with real paper using the save as PDF option (probably doesn't change how Scanable saves to the camera roll, but I want to be thorough) and it still is out of order. This, of course, doesn't affect if I can use the
  3. Hello, love the Scanable app, it's been a great help with backing up my paperwork! One small issue, though. Ever since the update that sped up the saving of documeever to the camera roll, Scanable never puts the documents in the order they were scanned inside the app. Also, the documents saved to the album that is generated by Scanable will be in a different order than the documents saved in the camera roll. Pictures to show what I'm taking about. Please fix this, as the newest feature to reorder the order of documents is useless to me as the app isn't even saving the current order. So, at th
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