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  1. Yeah, it's definitely a bug.. pretty frustrating that it's not being taken seriously!
  2. Hi Software Marcus. Thanks for your message, but as I said in my original post, I don't want to turn off auto-correct system wide. I also mentioned in my second post there is no MÄori dictionary available. I think this behaviour is a bug that should be addressed in Evernote.
  3. Hi gazumped, Thank you for your creative suggestions. Unfortunately there is no MÄori dictionary for Mac. They do allow installation of dictionaries but I can't find a MÄori dictionary in the format they require. I think I'll have to go with typing first in another application, as you suggest. Not ideal though - hopefully this could be considered as a bug and looked into in the future.. Thanks!
  4. I am trying to use Evernote to store some notes in MÄori. Unfortunately, as there is no dictionary I can install to type in MÄori, this means a lot of the words I type are marked as incorrect by the Mac built in spellchecker. More frustratingly, the autocorrection will change MÄori words into English ones, but if I hit undo, instead of reverting the autocorrection as it usually does, Evernote reverts my typing of the word. You can see this in action here, where I'm trying to add the word "pepeha" at the beginning of the sentence. I type it, it autocorrects to "pepper", I hit "undo" and it removes the whole word. This is driving me crazy, but I don't want to turn off autocorrect system wide in Mac just to fix the issue. Any help appreciated
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