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  1. i am not sure if this was answered but everything i have was created in evernote, over 500 notes and 50 notebooks. Nothing exists in penultimate but i'd like them all to. Do I copy all notes from Evernote and paste them into penultimate as new notes so they sync? Is that what i must do everytime i create a new note from evernote wanting it to be linked to penultimate for editing or adding new content? Seems to be inefficient. Is this an issue/fix being worked on for ability to sync going forward? and possibly eliminate need to copy content started in evernote and wanting to be available in Penultimate? Just bot a jot script 2 and was excited to be able to use it for productivity.
  2. Can you simply export business cards to a cab or text tab deliminated file? I love how you can capture, store and access information but need functionality to export over 500+ contacts. Thanks.
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