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  1. found my work around, disregard. I have to create new shortcuts - and instead of defining notebook:"" and any:"" in my search string, I use the drop downs in the search explanation. Then save that search, then add that to shortcuts. Thanks Evernote!
  2. More specifically, i can't scope down to notebook or the "any vs all" scope modifier on the search line anymore... none of these work notebook:"notebook name" all:"string" any:"string"
  3. I am happy that multiple email clipping is back in evernote - can confirm! However; it broke my advanced search shortcuts... which i used for quick sorting my spam email: notebook:"Actions Pending" any:"From: Esri Education""From: Ventev Wireless""From: Cloudian Events" etc... etc... anyone know a work around?
  4. Don't hold your breath, create your own solution - this post has been here for a while... I'm stuck with the old version -- I've tried multiple times and failed to cut the cord from Evernote, but I'm still paying premium because my data is here....
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