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  1. I've been a great fan of Evernote for several years, but things are changing lately. They're introducing lots of bells and whistles but taking away basic features, from the mobile apps especially, which even the premium and plus users might consider important.
  2. I recently updated to version 7.17.1 on my iPad and today I discovered that the "Simplify formatting" option has disappeared. Why is that?! It's an essential feature for cleaning up notes full of crazy formatting. Thinking the option might be hidden somewhere, I was trying to locate it in a note and ended up converting the whole thing to plain text. I tried for nearly an hour to reformat the note but couldn't get the job done because every time I tapped on the screen to situate the cursor, it jumped to the bottom of the note. I tried closing and relaunching the app, rebooting the iPad... Nothing worked. Only that note was affected. I had to go to the computer (where I am now because I couldn't find a way in the iPad version to send this message without jumping through the same hoops a dozen times). I fixed up the note, which has now synced back to the iPad and is working correctly. Except that I tried to edit it and the app crashed, for the third or fourth time while I was trying to sort out this issue. This iOS version of Evernote seems to be rather buggy and crash-prone, besides missing an essential feature.
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