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  1. Often I need to send a webclipped article to my own email so that I can email the site directly to someone else. Evernote won't let you email to yourself. It seems if you use the share function here to email to someone else the email makes someone try to use Evernote or send it as a picture in my Evernote notebook. That is not what I want. The other reason is that often I need to save the webclipped article to my Google Drive folder. \Can someone help me with this. i need to get clean webclipped articles out of the Evernote system over to my Gmail and Google Drive cleanly without the Evernote ecosystem garbage attached.
  2. The app downloaded but I can't get webclipper to download. It seems to work on my Android phone though which has an earlier version of Android. Also on my PC (Chrome) the elephant is an extension so I can webclip but this is not the case on my phone or tablet.
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