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  1. Does the SnapScan software allow you to scan multiple doc into one PDF? Or does it create one PDF for each doc, and you use Evernote to combine pages? Thanks.
  2. I'm thinking about buying a scanner specifically for use with Evernote. I have several hundred (possibly over a thousand) documents and receipts. I am currently using the Android version of Evernote, which is fine for two or three docs. I know the Fujitsu Scan Snap is discontinued. Evernote staff has not been helpful so far in giving me any ideas. I assume the scanner will need to scan directly to PDF? I have a NEAT document scanner that works with my Windows 10 built in scanning software, but it does not scan directly to PDF. I can use the NEAT software to scan, but it scans to NEATs proprietary format. From there you can convert to PDF, but it's a S L O W process. The ix1500 looks nice, but it's out of my budget. Thanks.
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