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  1. In my case, the ONLY notebook available to select is one that seems to have gotten stuck there at some point. It is NOT my default notebook. I will try the uninstall/reinstall method. Edit: Worked for me! Thanks!
  2. When I save the PDF to Evernote on my Android phone, there is already a notebook pre-selected. The problem is, it's not the notebook that I want to save to. When I share to Evernote, I type in the name of the notebook that I want to search for, but it will not search for it. I have to save it to the notebook that it has selected for me, and then later go in there and actually move the document to the folder that I want. This is not using a Web Clipper or anything like that, it's simply sharing a PDF or other document to Evernote. Is this a known bug in Evernote for Android?
  3. I don't understand. Are you saying EN 10 for Windows has this option? Evernote Legacy had it, but I can't find it in the new version.
  4. I came across this topic and I am trying to understand. I have both versions of Evernote installed on my Windows 10 laptop. On my hard drive, I have a folder titled "add to Evernote". When I scan into this folder, and then open the older version of Ev, it scans that folder copies everything to the cloud and then delete the originals from my hard drive. Sounds like you guys are talking about something different. In the legacy version, are you saying there is a way to scan directly into Evernote and have that scan go into whichever notebook is currently open?
  5. So EN 10 for Windows apparently still does not allow you to monitor a folder on your computer and automatically sync and delete the original files. You can import specific file types manu, but the originals are kept in your folder, making itg confusing as to whether or not a specific file was imported (unless you remember to delete them immediately). The legacy version did all this automatically. I'm guessing the answer is no?
  6. Thank you. I swear it had resumed working for a short time. Or I could be crazy too.
  7. When Evernote for windows came out on the windows platform, the Add To Evernote feature had been removed. This feature let you designate a folder on your hard drive that Evernote would continuously scan. You could add PDF files to the folder, and the next time you ran Evernote it would scan the folder and copy the PDFs to the cloud. Months later, it reappeared. At least this was my experience. Recently it stopped working again and I'm curious if anyone else has seen this or knows what's going on?
  8. I ended up getting a Fujitsu ScanSnap ix1500. It is awesome! Scanning to Evernote without having to use a computer (after initial setup).
  9. Does the SnapScan software allow you to scan multiple doc into one PDF? Or does it create one PDF for each doc, and you use Evernote to combine pages? Thanks.
  10. I'm thinking about buying a scanner specifically for use with Evernote. I have several hundred (possibly over a thousand) documents and receipts. I am currently using the Android version of Evernote, which is fine for two or three docs. I know the Fujitsu Scan Snap is discontinued. Evernote staff has not been helpful so far in giving me any ideas. I assume the scanner will need to scan directly to PDF? I have a NEAT document scanner that works with my Windows 10 built in scanning software, but it does not scan directly to PDF. I can use the NEAT software to scan, but it scans to NEATs proprietary format. From there you can convert to PDF, but it's a S L O W process. The ix1500 looks nice, but it's out of my budget. Thanks.
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