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  1. Evernote search works at the beginning of a tag, but not in the middle or end of a tag. If I had 30 tags containing the word France, I would edit them so that France was the first word in each of the 30 tags. Actually, I would shorten it to Fra-. In the desktop, as soon as you start typing Fra in the search field, you will only see the 30 France tags. I do that for the Acronyms I have collected over the years. Example of my acronym tags (just acronyms from A to D) http://www.evernote.com/l/AAIi1fFrC7BI_KLKisnvsc0jDJCoZjGMMl8/ Also, a rule of thumb I find very helpful is to get rid of tags that have fewer than 5 notes associated with the tag. It is not an absolute rule, but it does help keep my list of tags more useful. I bend this rule when it comes to my list of acronyms. good suggestion will try to implement it. thank you all for the help
  2. What I would do is create two levels of tags. I do this for most of my tags. Parent tag Child tag Example: Europe Austria France Germany Italy Sweden Asia China Japan S_Korea Taiwan The purpose of the Europe tag and the Asia tag is just help group the relevant tags. They are not assigned to any notes. To see all notes for France, use the search term tag:France Thanks for your reply, I have approximately 30 tags having “France” somewhere in my tags. Things would get easy , if i get a list of all that 30 tags by typing “France” while tagging a note. I can do this using evernote web, but not using evernote android or desktop app.
  3. Thanks for your reply, Yes for me it is a sort of a major problem as i use many two words tags as in the above example. If i get the same functionality as supported by evernote through its website, it would definitely make my life more easy and organized.
  4. I am using the latest windows desktop version: and the latest android version of evernote. I use many tags with two words, for example “Europe France” and “Europe Germany”. When i try to tag a note with “France”, the tag list doesn’t show “Europe France” tag. Facing the same problem on evernote android app but on evernote website its working perfectly ! I am missing something? or the desktop and android version doesn’t support this? Please help.
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