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  1. clear formatting never worked fine. I did not use evernote for long time. i updated yesterday and now clear formatting doesn't work at all. I'm searching solution in forum and i found a suitable solution. ctrl+C : copy selection on webpage ctrl+V : paste in new note in evernote ctrl+A : select all text in note ctrl+maj+L : apply bloc code style to entire note ctrl+maj+space : remove formatting (that doesn't work entirely) ctrl+space: simplify formatting (that remove last formatting) Can work with selection text. more simply ctrl+shift L after space, then ctrl+space.
  2. Will wait next update if ctrl+shitf+f5 can be found in menu, otherwise feedback is useless.
  3. Considering the number of years that this software exists and in spite of that the many defects, I quickly understood that it was useless to ask questions. that made 1 year that I use it but i have no other choice. I tested onenote, google note, evernote is designed better by far but there remains a bad software. I could write a list of 20 defects to be corrected in 5 minutes. in my own language:)…
  4. Hi. "To use the Horizontal/ Vertical List View - toggle between with Ctrl + Shift + F5" It is exactly what i asked. Thanks. But why we don't find this shortcut in the menu ?
  5. note's list and note's panel horizontally, instead vertically. As our screens are 16:9 and very large, To have a horizontal provision would be much more practical to display a broader list of notes and to find a particular note more easily.
  6. Where are stored evernote parameters ? So when i reinstall it, i won't need to adjust the parameters again. I know there is few parameters, this program is very simple but.. Thanks.
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