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  1. So I tried exporting a note from the shared notebook to .enex then importing the .enex file. I noticed that the .enex export includes the base64 encoded version of the image attachment. I manually extracted the base64 encoded image and was able to reconstruct the original image from the command line. So at first glance you might think that the image is there, but that it's just not being rendered correctly. However, when I do the same procedure to a note that was copied from the shared notebook, the base64 encoded image is missing from the .enex file (made obvious by the file size of the
  2. Hello, My wife and I have a shared notebook we both contribute notes to. Many of the notes have images in line or attached as PDF from our wedding planning several years ago. We decided to reorganize our notebooks and started copying notes out of the shared notebook. To our chagrin, when either of us copy a note from the shared notebook to another notebook (private or shared) the images/attachments all seem to disappear! So if we copy a note and delete it from the shared notebook, we both lose the contents. This issue is reproducible by both of us (I use Evernote 10 for mac, she uses Ever
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