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  1. After Evernote removed notes from trash so that I lost 2 years of data I decided to cancel my account. Only I cant! I have tried to access my account from 3 different browsers today. Firefox gave me a survery to take (disgusted wth all "features") then a blank page. Opera and IE let me log in but then a blank page. I could not be more disgusted with this trash program. I guess I'm lucky theres no data left to delete.
  2. I didn't empty the trash! That is my point! The notes were never in there!
  3. I deleted important notes accidentally adn the trash can is EMPTY. Where did they go and how can I get them back???
  4. I am extremely unhappy with this program. 1st: it wont sync notes that are backed up if you change them on all your mobile devices. That is a HUGE design flaw! I have evernote on my pc, laptop, phone and tablet. It just adds the entire note again under "conflicting changes" and a date instead of syncing it! HOW is this helpful to ANYONE? That defeats the entire purpose of having the notes sync! So I copied the most recent version and deleted all the other copies - only instead of just showing the multiple version of the note that I was workig on to delete, it showed EVERYTHING and I ended up deleteing ALL my notes. Several of them were not replaceable and VERY IMPORTANT! I checked trash and they are not there. I was only able to restore one. NO, the trash was NOT emptied in the interim. A friend told me that Evernote was a great tool and that as I am familiar with OneNote it shoudl be easy for me to use. I am not speaking to that friend anymore. I dont knwo who could ever think this was a functioning program! Why are it's functions so difficult to understand? Why everything has to be dumped under "first notebook" instead of letting me name my notebooks and now why I can't retrieve the notes that were deleted. It's complete *****. I regret using Evernote as I have now lost important data that I needed! Dumping this POS as we speak. I guess I should be glad there isn't much to transfer over since f-ing Evernote deleted everything!
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