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  1. Hi, Thanks for your reply again. In fact I also posted a question in Stack Overflow. But no reply either. Seems I still be patient to wait, hope there're some guys in Evernote really works on activating API. Have a good day. Jason
  2. Hi Guru, Thanks for your reply. In fact, I tried any way I could found to contact Evernote: current forum, https://dev.evernote.com/, Twitter, some employees in Evernote, etc. Your reply is the FIRST response I ever got. What the 'active developer community at Evernote' do you means? I really don't feel there's 'active' community in Evernote... I really need to submit my app to macOS App in these days, could you kindly guide me how to let my Evernote API (customer key: klib) be activated? It can really help me, thanks in advance. BR, Jason
  3. Hi, I have submit API activation for several times and several days, but no any response, even no an email confirm. Is there any Evernote employee here? Could you help to activate my API (customer key: klib). Thanks in advance. BTW, does App Notebook really work now? http://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/app_notebook.php … If yes, does it works on Sandbox env? I tried https://sandbox.evernote.com/OAuth.action?inapp=mac&suggestedNotebookName=Klib&supportLinkedSandbox=true&oauth_token= …[...] but no effects. BR, Jason does App Notebook really work
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