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  1. So I ran into various formatting issues including this error. I'm pretty shocked at how difficult and poor a basic text document formating is with Evernote. 1) when you select multiple text in different formats (color, bold, italic) it can not all be changed uniformly by clicking it 2-3 times. This is very annoying. 2) There is no format brush option. That sucks. 3) If the note is created on phone app, then opened and edited on PC it has strange random formatting issues (size, font) and flags this forums error. Even if you use the PC tool to remove formatting. It claims the note I created is a "web clip". ???? Wow. So let me get this straight.... Evernote, which prides itself on note taking, is designed around notes, and is a note app can't handle formatting? Really? Wordpad, even Notepad work better. What the heck? The fact I have to take valuable time to point this out is upsetting. It's just that I spent money to buy the premium membership because I thought this was a good note taking service. Instead it is very frustrating to use and impractical.
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