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  1. haha, no, thakfully that's not me. But I have often felt like that!
  2. Hi, I don't know if anyone is following this, but I created a pretty efficient workflow, and managed to get Evernote and Zotero to integrate a bit. I did a little write-up on my personal blog. Check it out if you think it might be useful to you. http://cdint.weebly.com/chris/staying-organized The only thing really lacking is copying the notelink back to the zotero refrence. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. Hope this helps someone. Cheers!
  3. If anyone is following this or looking for answers, I've found a cool project called paperless on GitHub that seems like it could be useful, at least for filing in Evernote automatically. I wonder if there is a way to add Zotero as a service...? https://github.com/joeworkman/paperless
  4. Not sure if this is right place for this, but I have searched the internet far and wide, and repeatedly found a huge inefficiency in all academic workflows that no one has solved. Integration with Evernote and a refrence manager. Which is a real sham, because there are thousands of academics who are dying for this kind of integration, but I digress. I have settled on Zotero as my refrence manager, as it is free and open source, and supports AppleScript, which I think holds the key to automating a high efficiency workflow. I have spent hours researching and trying to come up with an effici
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