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  1. Hi Ruben Good question - it seems to happen only when I use the keyboard shortcut (and I've tried changing the keyboard shortcut to different key combinations, the problem always recurs). It doesn't seem to happen when I click the icon. But having the keyboard shortcut is much more convenient and I'm sure we'd all love to be able to use it, especially now we'll be paying a bit more for the service
  2. Thanks for your response. That's correct, but it doesn't happen only when I change to a new tab. Even if I stay on the initial tab, the same thing happens. I tried clearing the cache and cookies, quitting the browser and then restarting the computer but the problem persists. I'm using Chrome Version 51.0.2704.106 (64-bit), and Evernote Web Clipper 6.9. I think both are the latest versions. I'm attaching a screenshot taken just now. I really hope I can figure out how to fix this - I love Evernote but this is really killing one of the key features for me. Thanks ag
  3. The clipper is working fine for me, clipping and syncing articles perfectly. EXCEPT - Every single time I clip a page, my browser jumps back to that tab to show an error message saying: "The Clipper couldn't start on this page. Reload the page and try again. If that doesn't help, contact customer support." I have no idea why it shows this because in fact the Clipper always does start on every page! Anyone else having the same problem?
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