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  1. I found using FollowUpThen with Evernote is the easiest and most functional way to create recurring reminders. 1. Create note in EN as you normally would. Then, use the "copy note link" feature in EN for the note you want to reoccur. 2. Paste the EN link in the FollowUpThen email (with necessary FUT recipe) or you can create on the FUT website. I think the website is the easier. 3. Use "Add by URL" feature to add FUT (url in on FUT website) to your Google calendar (or probably other calendar apps) and now your recurring reminder shows up on your Google Calendar. 4. Click on the EN link in the FUT email you get at your selected time and date of your reminder and now you have direct access to all the EN features you have associated with that note. I like this method the best since can setup the reminder at anytime and not limited to the day before restriction.
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