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  1. DTLow - Thank you. Sorry. Even more embarrassing, I follow this thread and have posted to it before. Mindless expression of exasperation. Thank you for your contributions.
  2. So many repeated requests and not even the courtesy of an explanation. EN is either grossly understaffed or arrogant. Either way, it reflects badly on CEO and Board. Good feelings about the product and trust in the company are fading.
  3. Thank you, csihilling. I'm grateful for the detail and I have been doing something similar. I will look at the website you link to. I agree, EN may not be the right tool. Problem is, I'm in it pretty deep and all real project management tools are designed for businesses - that's where the money is - and not for small groups or projects. So those tools' overhead is even worse than EN's. Really, all we want is a simple, cross-platform, collapse/expand, drag/drop outliner that can have permanent links to notes. I am very grateful for your input. I'll report back if I find anything interestin
  4. Thank you. Sorry about "work breakdown structure." It's just Project Management Institute jargon for what you're probably already doing. Iterate higher level tasks down to granular components. The sequence of top level tasks in a project are the major steps. Often we work backwards from the deliverable to the requirements. Because there's continual feedback, tasks and sequence can change frequently, especially if there are just 1-3 people on a project. So, I appreciate your approach but the overhead is too high for what I'm trying to do. I'll keep looking and report back if I find
  5. DTLow & csihilling. Thank you for your guidance and suggestions. An update. Swipes reached out to me on Twitter (@PaulHindes) and said, "The integration to Evernote is activated on mobile and you can see and manage the tasks via the web & Mac app." I got through the mobile integration. It is cool that they extract just checkboxes from notes tagged "swipes", but the subtask items lose their indentation. So, there's no way to collapse/expand. There's also no way to reorder. I also tried the widget approach mentioned in my original message. It does make it easier to get to a pag
  6. Thank you. I'll experiment with your suggestions.
  7. Thank you for responding. Agree about HTML. If necessary, a portable Java-based add-on might work. I don't have time to pursue it, unfortunately. I also agree that attachments work easily, generally. For projects that require Mendeley, for example, tighter integration would make it so much easier, but that's not essential for me at the moment. But, back to my main problem: I'm working on multiple projects. How do you handle your projects' next actions?
  8. This is essential to making EN the only productivity tool you need. A simple outliner to be used within notes, with optional checkboxes, collapsible levels, and drag-and-drop would do it. Without this feature, how can we actively manage? By having such a feature in EN, you might not need anything else. For fields that require (well-designed), special-purpose applications, such as academic research with apps like Mendeley, integration with EN could be readily effected via RESTful APIs. So, I've spent several weeks looking for other apps that do this simple outlining and that integrate with
  9. Totally agree - there needs to be a way to close that notes list. I've been trying for a few days to take notes in EN while viewing a daily, live, time-critical video stream on my 15" MBP. Too frustrating.
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