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  1. Menu Snapshot: This seems to be for local menus. A timed window screenshot is helpful for UI that have hover-state, such as dynamic JS/HTML menus or other popups. Window Snapshot: This seems to be the same as single-clicking a window in 'Screen Snap' mode, except with an explicit prompt. It does not seem to offer a countdown. I *am* looking for a "Window Snapshot" with a countdown mode, but since Screen Snap mirrors Window Snapshot, Timed Screen Snap should offer the same. Again, I distinctly remember this option being in Skitch a few years ago... it's possible I've dreamed it up, but it should definitely be there all the same.
  2. Thank you very much for responding. I can't speak for others, but for me, it immediately takes a snapshot of the window I'm targeting without counting down. If I drag a selection rectangle, I do get the countdown timer, but I could swear Skitch used to take timed snapshots when clicking to target the active window; that's the part that isn't working.
  3. This needs to be addressed. Can kgg or someone else from the Evernote/Skitch team please provide some sort of comment or update?
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