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  1. Menu Snapshot: This seems to be for local menus. A timed window screenshot is helpful for UI that have hover-state, such as dynamic JS/HTML menus or other popups. Window Snapshot: This seems to be the same as single-clicking a window in 'Screen Snap' mode, except with an explicit prompt. It does not seem to offer a countdown. I *am* looking for a "Window Snapshot" with a countdown mode, but since Screen Snap mirrors Window Snapshot, Timed Screen Snap should offer the same. Again, I distinctly remember this option being in Skitch a few years ago... it's possible I've dreamed it up, but
  2. Thank you very much for responding. I can't speak for others, but for me, it immediately takes a snapshot of the window I'm targeting without counting down. If I drag a selection rectangle, I do get the countdown timer, but I could swear Skitch used to take timed snapshots when clicking to target the active window; that's the part that isn't working.
  3. Another vote for allowing a separator option. Only needs a spot in the Preference pane. You can even default to Underscore, just allow others to change it to Space.
  4. This needs to be addressed. Can kgg or someone else from the Evernote/Skitch team please provide some sort of comment or update?
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