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  1. I figured it was, just wanted to bring it up again. I only use Evernote because of my LiveScribe which included a year sub of premium Evernote. As much as I like the program, I honestly can do everything through native live scribe apps with only slightly more difficulty. Once my year is up, without at least the all important image overlay, its kinda not worth it to me. Hopefully they add it.
  2. I use Evernote primarily to view my LiveScribe 3 notes. When sent from the app (either pdf or png, I use png), I sometimes need to add an image to a part of the page where the professor had it. Unfortunately I can't place images on top of other images, making for messy notes. Please make this possible. In addition, why can't I easily just zoom in using native zoom swipes? Due to the fact LiveScribe notes are images of individual pages, sometimes my writing on smaller pieces is pretty small. Easily just zooming to see these parts is not possible! Such a simple feature that really should have been there in the beginning.
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