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  1. I must repeat, why is Evernote support so terrible? It would seem they are literally running AWAY from customers and their suggestions. It use to be VERY easy to send them a quick email. Now their site makes it very hard to find how to send them an email. Second thing. I've been asking since 2003 for them to add a better audio recording experience on Android. Since recent OS updates, this is more than possible and other apps have proved that. The current implementation is terrible and a few steps behind it's iOS sister. We can't: Multitask while recordingRecord in better quality, only AMR (A codec released in 1999)Play back recordings on iOS device (since it's in AMR) I believe in Evernote. But I feel this company is greedy and their support for products and listening to users is underwhelming. Frankly, they don't even reply on their forums or consider our ideas. They reply with stock answers if you ever get through the maze to find their email. I know a company needs to make a profit, but at least have a student pricing and be open to your users. Evernote. My trust in you is slowly dying. Then again, why am I calling you out when you don't even come here.
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